Company Profile:


PM Technology Co., Limited is incorporated in 2004 in Hong Kong , mainland China-funded companies and production factory,  is one of the heat transfer technology into the industry source of daily-use ceramics enterprises.


We mastered the core technology of sublimation coating, has been providing high-quality coating material and spraying technology to Shandong Zibo, Liling, Hunan, Fujian Dehua, Chaozhou, Guangdong, Zhejiang Yiwu and other large manufacturers of ceramic sublimation coating mugs.

Particularly temperature sensitive color changing coating mug areas, we have grown into a leader in core upstream raw materials, the domestic top Color changing mug factories are our partners.

We offer spraying coating on  different mug , glass , stainless cup, winebottle , food can , tile, metal board , wall panel , puzzle, mirror , lighter, phone case etc.

We offer different type of coating machine depend on different customer requirement, we are the leader and profession in sublimation coating   production process and spraying coating technology .


Welcome all friends to visit our factory, sincere cooperation, create a win-win!